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The art of preparing medications dates back to the origins of pharmacy. At our pharmacy we still practice the time proven art of compounding using modern variations of the “mortar and pestle” to prepare unique and individualized medications. Working with your doctor, compounding allows our pharmacists to customize the strength and dosage form of a medication according to individual needs. This may include making lozenges or preparing a drug that is no longer commercially available. Or it may involve changing a medication from a pill form into a penetrating skin cream, or adding flavors, or preparing a dye-free or preservative-free medication. The possibilities are endless. Our pharmacists can formulate and prepare just about any kind of medicine specifically designed just for you. Our compounding services can enhance virtually any area of medicine including natural hormone replacement therapy, children’s dosage forms and flavors, capsule and suppository preparations, skin preparations, hospice formulations, lip balms, medicated lozenges, and medicated lollipops. Ask us how compounded medications can help you.

Types of Compounding We Can Do

  • You no longer have to force feed your pet his/her medication! Our pharmacist can change the dosage form and flavor of most pet medications and transform them into a treat. If your pet requires a medicine made for humans, let us create a compounded version! We will tailor the strength and dose specific to your pet’s needs and can even create medicated dog biscuits! If you have a finicky pet, we can make his/her medications into a transdermal cream which allows the medicine to be absorbed through the skin on your pet’s ear. These creams provide an easier way to administer medications to picky animals who won’t take medications by mouth.
  • From a sore throat to arthritis our compounding technician may be able to create a pain relief option just for you. Perhaps you are experiencing unpleasant side effects such as stomach upset? Ask our pharmacist bout making your arthritis medication into a transdermal cream that can be applied directly to the site of your pain. If you or a loved one is suffering from diabetic neuropathy, talk to our pharmacist about creating a transdermal cream that contains several different pain medications to target neuropathic pain. We can also put an anesthetic pain reliever in a yummy lollipop for sore throats caused by tonsil removal, strep throat or even the common cold. If you are having pain that is unmanageable, speak with our compounding technician today.
  • Female patients experiencing symptoms of menopause and male patients experiencing symptoms of andropause (male menopause) may benefit from our Hormone Replacement service. This service allows us to work closely with prescribers and patients to find the right balance for patients who feel like strangers in their own skin due to hormone imbalance. Our compounding pharmacist recommends pairing serum or saliva testing with this consultation to provide the best picture of your hormone levels. We understand that progesterone, testosterone, and estrogens aren’t the only hormones to consider when discussing overall hormone health. Evaluating your cortisol levels throughout the day is also important in this high stress world. S&J Pharmacy offers a line of vitamins and nutrients that can help support your body during times of high stress. We look forward to helping you feel like you again.
  • Just as no two children are alike, either are their health care needs. If your child has trouble taking the traditional form of medicine, we can help. Our compounding technician can alter the flavor, dose or color to suit your child. If you child has allergies, traditional medicines can be made sugar, gluten, dye or soy free.
  • Oftentimes, there is not one specific product on the market that contains all of the medications necessary to treat your skin condition. Whether you are treating a rash, wart, fungus, or infection, our compounding technician can help find a solution for you. We can use fragrance-free, dye-free, preservative-free and alcohol-free cream and ointment bases to create a product that contains all of the medications you need to treat your skin condition.